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    UIP General Contracting
    Why Us
    We add value at each step by identifying cost effective upgrades and improvements that increase the owner’s return over the life of the investment.

    The development, design and construction of multi-family residential and commercial projects in the Washington, DC region often present issues beyond the range of most traditional general contractors. These issues include navigating the nuances of historical preservation regulations and review boards, maintaining sustainability goals, working safely in occupied buildings and satisfying stringent community agreements without sacrificing the project schedule or budget. UIPGC has a proven track record of successfully tackling these issues and has applied our body of knowledge to our business model and standard practices. We believe the success of a project is directly related to a true understanding of the Owner’s goals, provision of realistic pricing and execution of the project based on shared expectations. UIPGC sets a firm project foundation by working diligently during the pre-construction phase to identify problems and to hard-price plans before construction even begins in order to avoid unnecessary change orders. Doing so allows us to create a budget that accurately reflects the true cost of work

    We add value at each step by identifying cost effective upgrades and improvements that increase the owner’s return over the life of the investment. As your partner, we always solve for the following goals on every project:

    • 1. Increase building revenues and cash flows
    • 2. Reduce building operating and maintenance expenses
    • 3. Reduce occupant turnover and increase customer satisfaction

    We look forward to partnering with you on your current and future projects.

    Who We Are – Leadership
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    What We Do

    A design-build project is a collaborative effort between the contractor, architect, and owner which ultimately results in the design and construction of a project. UIPGC’s design-build experience is rooted in our history of collaboration with our parent company, Urban Investment Partners, in which we succeed in the most complex renovation and ground-up projects. UIPGC teams with design professionals to help establish expectations, formulate a scope, and determine a project GMP (guaranteed maximum price) that will allow the owners to achieve their vision while remaining within budget. We use our experience and our connections to help the owner successfully and quickly navigate the permit process; this is critical to staying on schedule. The advantage of a design-build project is the architect and contractor work together to design, plan, and execute a project to meet the owner’s intentions, expectations, and budget both for the construction and for the future operation of the building.

    General Contracting

    As a general contractor, UIPGC’s goal is to help the owner create value in their projects and educate about the construction process along the way. Our tenured construction management team combines over 85 years of new construction and renovation experience to effectively execute the most intricate of projects from preconstruction to close-out. We work in partnership with owners, architects, subcontractors and engineers to deliver results that increase each project’s value through every step of the construction process. We aim to achieve the best possible cost to quality ratio for each project, and we specialize in helping the owner select cost-effective alternatives to maximize value. Whether the project is a renovation, new construction, or a tenant build out, we strive first to establish appropriate expectations and then to exceed them.

    Construction Management

    UIPGC offers a complete menu of construction management and development services throughout the course of a project lifecycle. These services include: pre-acquisition due diligence, permitting, MEP coordination, procurement, quality control, and scheduling. Our tenured management team has the knowledge and experience to ensure the best possible result for each individual project. UIPGC offers a methodical, strategic approach that maximizes the value to the client and provides the highest level of service in the most efficient manner by tailoring our offerings to meet the needs and budget of each client.

    Industry Specific Service

    Curb Appeal Improvements

    Whether you want to restore your building’s façade to its original beauty or update it with a more contemporary look, UIPGC can assist you! We will design and execute the necessary scope of work to instantly add value to your investment through landscaping and exterior renovations that attract potential investors, buyers, or tenants. Adding trees, plantings, accent lighting, and irrigation brings new life to a property. UIPGC also provides “green” solutions such as replacing grass with planted beds to reduce maintenance and mowing costs. Our experience working with the DC Historic Preservation Review Board helps ensure that your project will quickly complete the permitting process with all the proper approvals

    Common Area and Stack by Stack Renovations

    Older, occupied multi-family properties pose a unique set of challenges with respect to in-unit renovations. Stack and phased renovations are two methods UIPGC uses to add value to existing assets while minimizing impact on existing residents. By upgrading building systems through one of these techniques, the owner can increase efficiency and decrease operating costs while a property is occupied and producing revenue. Common area transformations (lobbies, halls, laundry and other facilities) instantly update the look and feel of your property with minimal cost and maximum return. UIPGC has extensive experience coordinating with property managers to reduce the impact of a renovation on residents in occupied properties.